A Quick Update

I'm so, so sorry I've fallen behind on this blog. Things have been so hectic lately, I just haven't had the time up until now!

As a quick update, the American Drifters are still in Lex, KY. We've moved camp twice in the last month, and have a tight little spot overlooking the railroad tracks (suh-weet!) I took a pregnancy test on July 2nd and we learned that we are expecting! We're due March 6th or March 8th (it's a back and forth struggle for the due dates, ha) and so far, things are going great. After 3 miscarriages, it's nice to have an OB who listens, and I was surprised to learn that they even have a social worker at the office who can help you find resources you need.

It came as no surprise that I was actually listing off some resources to the Social Worker. Cracker and I have an uncanny ability to find the charities and services that aren't listed where everyone can see.

We're trying to hold out hope that my settlement will arrive soon, because we want to do one big drift before Christmas. The pregnancy is high risk, and I don't expect to be able to travel after then, and really I don't want to be drifting at the peak of the flu season while pregnant. We're crossing our fingers tight and praying to the good Lord above that we get the chance to spend 60 days drifting across the U.S., checking stuff out and living a little before responsibility puts an iron shackle on us for the next 18 years (albeit, it's a shackle we're anxiously anticipating.)

I have posts in store over the coming days and weeks.
I don't want to crowd everything into one post, and I know I'll be at the library with great frequency for a while. My plans are to post up some resources, some experiences from the last month, and some articles I've been collecting on my Facebook about homelessness and the way society seems to try to control it instead of abolish it.

Until next time, folks, Cracker is out beating the streets for a job and I'm off to other ventures. I have to admit that time seems to go by all too slowly lately. Maybe it's because I'm already anxious for March to come?


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