The Day Center

We wound up turning in really early last night at tent city, but not without some fear being felt by the both of us. We crossed over the Hawthorne Bridge by foot which was miserable for Cracker since he doesn't like heights. We checked out the drum circle for a few minutes and then headed in. We started out looking for the metro rail, but we wound up crossing on the floating pedestrian walkway back over the river. This time we were under the steel bridge and a train decided to chug on through when we were halfway across.

I swear on everything good to me I nearly crapped myself.
I never, EVER want to do THAT again which means crossing bridges on foot in Portland will no longer be happening and will not be blogged about.

This morning has been pretty good. We left out of Tent City to grey skies and wet streets at 6:30am. The air was bitter, cold, damp but I was in a really good mood. We both had a great night's rest last night. We took a trip down the river to under the Morrison Bridge where we sat down to smoke and I quickly changed my pants (I wear a pair of shorts under my jeans, just in case, lol) before we headed on to the Rite-Aid in Pioneer Square. I ran into a problem with my medications and needed a refill ASAP, and luckily the Pharmacist was able to help us out. After that we went to eat at the Portland Rescue Mission, stopped and got a snack and coffee at the Union Mission and then proceeded over to the Blanchet house to wait for lunch. It's a never ending cycle of hurry-up-and-wait here in Portland. If you don't get in line an hour ahead of time, it'll be an hour or two before you eat.

Breakfast was decent, I'm not a big fan of eggs though.
Snack was awesome hot coffee and a cinnamon roll quarter with LOTS of icing.
Lunch was bomb-diggity - a bird leg, rice, green beans, salad and fruit salad...yum!

Now we're at the Day Center chillin', chargin', bloggin' and waitin'.
Everything up here requires you having a TB card saying you've been tested and are in the clear. Both of our TB sites look good, so we'll be getting our cards signed off in about 25 minutes. After that, I dunno where we're headed. The sun shines through for a few minutes then the sky turns grey with more clouds. We know of a place that serves at 2, so we'll probably check that out and update y'all on the type of meal offered there. Blog about this cold, wet weather and probably some new photos of the weirdness that fills the streets of Portland. We've been tellin' everybody about the blog, and in my next post I'm going to feature people we've taken pictures with since Thursday.

Ta ta for now, viewers.Until next time...keep it weird!

--Rabbit & Cracker

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