Keepin It Weird in Portland

My husband Cracker

Me and stewie's new friend in Denver, CO! Sup Audo!!
Hey y'all.
I'm Rabbit, I'm 23, married with two daughters and a stepson, and I am what you'd call a drifter. I have a home to go to but I spend part of my time with my husband drifting in different states. Call it a weird social experiment, but we've been in poverty for years and we are intrigued by the way poverty has stricken America.

Right now we are thousands of miles away from home - stranded. In Portland, OR to boot. You wanna know how Alice felt when she fell down the rabbit hole? Take a couple from Smalltown, USA, from the dirty South to boot, and stick them in weird-as-hell Portland where the slogan is none other than "Keep Portland Weird!" This place is crazy, and the first day or two was flat out scary (in my opinion), but this big ass city has found a spot in our country-fried hearts.

We have adapted quickly and quite efficiently. We have Tent City at the entrance to Chinatown to lay our heads. There are a dozen places to get a hot meal, and we have already found ourselves a Street Roots guidebook.

Look, this is how crazy Portland is.
Yesterday the preacher at the Mission said he would get us on a bus on Tuesday back home. We decided to celebrate with Mary Jane. We ask a random guy on the street if he knew where to get some...AND HE SMOKES US OUT RIGHT THERE ON THE STREET! Right at damn Pioneer Square! Then a COP tells us not to light up there (with Mary Jane!!!) and the guy invites us over to his house after hearing our story!

So as of now we are nice and stoned, full on McDonald's, got some bud to go (and pipe too) from our new friend Roger (Thanks Bro!) and I even have a fresh pack of smokes to boot!

Well...we're leavin' McD's now to go burn some of this wicked Oregonian bud in our resin-packed pipe.

Until next time...Keep Portland Weird!
I know we are!

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