Down by the River

O'Bryant Square put on a fabulous show with Potluck in the Park!
We were meal tickets 195 and 196. Within 20 minutes we were being served. My plate started out with fruit salad (mmmm strawberries and mango!!!) Then a spoonful (big cooking spoon) of awesome potato salad, Spanish rice, and a hot dog. I put lots of salt and lots of pepper on my fruit, potato salad and rice, ketchup and mustard on my dog and headed on. Deserts...oh my god deserts...a HUGE yeast donut with tons of messy chocolate, a piece of chocolate cake with icing, and a little tiny cupcake with frosting. I had no clue WHERE in my body I was gonna put all this food, but it was all going somewhere.

After eating, it's safe to say we consumed a days' worth of calories in one meal and in a span of twenty minutes. Now we're down by the park, layin' in the grass and enjoying this really awesome weather and this really awesome bud. To anyone who hasn't figured it out, we are conoisseours of marijuana and yes, we do advocate for legalization. By the way Portlanders - we wish we could sign your petition! We've had to turn down several because we're not Oregon Registered Voters. I'm actually thinking about signing one when we get back to Kentucky.

We just talked to couple of guys who were smoking under the tree next to us and they told us to check out the drum circle. It's the next bridge down (these people say that like it's the next street (which it usually is, lol.) So we're gonna go check it out here in a bit. I'm extremely excited, my mum took me to one when I was younger and it was the most amazing experience EVER. I really can't wait!

It is so nice down here by the river. The weather's nice, the park is nice...I really could curl up and take a nap here, heh. We're out for now, gonna head down to the Rescue Mission to eat dinner, then off to tent city!

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