Lunch in SW

Okay, so we did lunch in the SW portion of the city. We got to see the Pearl District, and while we were walking through we saw a filming crew all set up at the Federal Building on Glisan. That was pretty cool to see!

Anyways, we caught a street car down to Taylor Rd where they were feeding, and the street car was pretty neat. It's just like the light rail, but drives with traffic on rails and is much smaller. It is meant to connect the smaller neighborhoods within the downtown area. I have to say, Portland takes the cake for transportation!!

Lunch was a freaking awesome. Another pile of food that was hard for my clumsy little self to handle. I actually managed to drop something this time: my dessert. Down went my apple pie! I picked it up after putting my plate at my table, and they thankfully gave me another piece. The meatloaf was awesome, the salad was kinda funky, the corn lacked flavor and the baked potato was awesome smothered in sour cream and hot sauce.

All in all, it was another great meal at one of the soup kitchens in downtown Portland. That's where Portland takes another cake, this is some of the best food I've ever eaten on the streets!

We've been toying with the idea of flying a sign. We just spent our last dollar on my refill, we're out of food stamps and fixing to take a 2 1/2 day journey East on a Greyhound with no means for a meal (or smokes, lol. I'm a smoker, he's not) and we said we'd do this experience the way any homeless person would. We know plenty of people who fly signs back in Lex, but we've never personally done it. I've panhandled and I don't ever mind doing it to be able to eat, so I'm sort of intrigued about this "sign flying" idea and let's be honest - I wanna try it! I think my first sign is going to say "Why Lie? I Need Smokes! (Donations Appreciated)"

I love to stand out from the crowd, so it's only natural for me to put a comedic spin on it! Anyways, we're out at the Central Library now using their computers. This building is big, and it is old, and it is very beautiful inside and out. I love libraries to begin with, and this place is like a candy store for me. I can't take my eyes off the old books overhead!

Alright y'all, I'm out for now. Off to explore more of Portland! Keep it weird! --Rabbit

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